Authorization for Home Inspection Services

The Clients__________________ _________________________________________________ agree to the following: in consideration
for the fee of ___________________ the inspection company is providing, at the request of Clients), a real
estate inspector to perform a 'Real Estate Inspection" on the property located at:
Address: Date:

The cursory limited visual inspection pertains solely to items listed on the inspection report which are readily accessible at the time
of the inspection. The Inspection to be done under this agreement is only an attempt to identify items in need of immediate repair or
specific hazards. The presence of Client(s) has been requested and encouraged during the inspection and shall be at the Clients) own
risk. This inspection is supplemental to any real estate transfer or seller's Disclosure Statement and shall not be used as a substitute for
such Disclosure Statements).

The Client(s) agree that the scope of the inspection to be provided is defined by the SC LLR Standards of practice in SC and the NCHILB Standards of Practice in NC including any departures made by the inspection company. A copy of the Standards is available to you upon request. These are the
agreed standards of practice for the performance of this inspection.

The cursory limited inspection intends to reduce risk but will not eliminate risk, the inspection to be done will not identify
all repair needs or hazards be they in accessible or inaccessible areas. When inspection of any system or component is limited or
designated as not inspected due to inaccessibility or for any other reasons, Client(s) must understand that conditions affecting the
structure, systems or components may be present. All findings should be considered partial or incomplete until further evaluated by a
qualified repair person prior to closing.
Since this inspection is based upon visual observations made on one day during a limited time period, the inspection
company cannot be responsible for any condition affecting any system or component which is intermittent and not detectable during
the inspection. No warranties or guarantees are expressed or implied. The inspection company will not light pilot lights, activate the
main water, gas or electric systems, energize electrical circuits which are off or otherwise operate other than user controls.
The written inspection report provided by the inspection company will contain the opinions of the inspector. These opinions would
not be applicable to future changing conditions. Although code compliance and engineering evaluation are specifically excluded from
the inspection, some codes may be used as a reference and basis for the opinion of the inspector. The inspection services to be
provided are further defined and limited by the report and any attached addenda.
Unless specifically stated, the report will not include opinions of the following: code compliance, durability, environmental concerns,
compliance with any conservation or energy standard, efficiency. fitness for purpose, flood or seismic risks, underground plumbing, structural adequacy and integrity, measurements and calculations, mold, radon, Chinese drywall, meth lab, asbestos, water or air quality, underground storage tanks, electro-magnetic fields, repair cost estimates, building value appraisals, automatic gates, solar systems,
future life, future performance, especially that of foundations, insurability, merchantability, obsolescence, quality, safety of any item
inspected. In addition, the report will not contain information relating to: septic systems, wells, cisterns, private water supplies water
quality or volume, central vacuum systems, solar systems whether active or inactive, security systems, soils systems, lead paint,
asbestos, radon, toxic or flammable materials, refrigerators, freezers, remote overhead door transmitters/receivers, floor coverings, wall
coverings, free standing kitchen appliances, detached out buildings, laundry appliances, water conditioners, swimming pools, spas, tennis courts, playground
equipment or other recreational or leisure appliances and self-cleaning or continuous-cleaning capabilities of ovens. Further, the
inspection will not include any analysis of any wood destroying organisms or insects and wood and non-wood infesting insects such
as fleas, cockroaches, bees, mites, ticks, flies, etc.
Any opinion in the report pertaining to aforementioned items is to be considered partial and incomplete. Before completion of any
contractual agreements on the property inspected, Client(s) agrees to obtain second opinions or cost estimates by appropriate
specialists on items where performance may be reported as questionable, all recommendations, in need of repair or unsafe. It is specifically understood and
agreed that the inspection company and the Client(s) are bound only by the terms and conditions of this agreement and have not relied
on any other representations, oral or otherwise. Any conditions requiring repair, replacement or servicing should be evaluated by
professionals in appropriate trades before closing. Client(s) give permission to the inspection company to discuss report findings
with Realtors, owners, repair persons and other interested persons.
DISCLAIMER OF WARRANTIES AND GUARANTEES - The inspection company or inspector(s) make no guarantee or
warranty as to any of the following:
1. That all repair needs and hazards have been discovered or disclosed in accessible or inaccessible areas.
2. That inspection company or the inspector will pay for the repair of undiscovered problems or conditions.
3. That any of the items inspected are designed or constructed in a good or workmanlike manner. Page 2
4. That any of the items inspected will continue to perform in the future as they are performing at the time of inspection.
5. That the building will not experience or contain wood destroying insect activity Or damage.
6 .. No guaranty or warranty of merchantability or fitness of use of the condition of the property.

The Client(s) agree and understand that the inspection company is not an insurer and does not
insure against defects in the property, and that the maximum liability incurred by the inspection
company or the inceptor(s) for errors and omissions in the inspection, including any liability of
any inspector, owner or employee of the inspection company if any, to the Client(s) shall be
limited to the amount of the fee paid for the applicable inspection as a result of a settlement.
Such damages are the sole and exclusive remedy of Client(s). Client(s) agree to pay all legal
expenses and reasonable compensation for loss of time that may be incurred by any inspector,
owner or employee of the inspection company as a result of any legal action by the Client(s) where
the Client(s) do not prevail. Client(s) understand that comprehensive inspections may be available
from other companies.
The Client(s) agree to notify inspection company in writing of any complaints or items in question within 14 days of discovery and to
allow the inspection company and the inspector access to the property to evaluate these items before corrective action is taken.
Immediate repair should be made in life threatening situations. In other than life threatening situations, Client(s) failure to permit the
inspection company to reinspect the item in issue shall mean that Client(s) has waived any claim against the inspection company with
respect to that item. In event shall any action be brought against the inspection company for a breach of this Agreement at any time
beyond one (I) year after the date of this Agreement.
The inspection is not a technically exhaustive examination: If there is concern, the client should have comprehensive
inspections conducted by specialists in each field or trade. Client(s) agrees that in the event any portion of the contract, report or
addenda is ruled inadmissible as evidence that the remainder of all aforementioned documents, or any portion thereof: shall remain
admissible as evidence. Changes to this contract .are not accepted without specific written approval of the owner of the inspection
Entire Agreement. This Agreement, and the written report issued by the inspector, constitutes the sole Agreement between Client(s)
and the inspection company. If any part of this agreement is thrown out by any court it is agreed that the rest of the agreement is still in effect.
Third Party Indemnification. This inspection and the report are not intended for the use or benefit of anyone other than the
Clients. No third party shall have any right arising from the inspector or the report, In consideration for the inspection company
furnishing the report, Client(s) shall indemnify and hold the Inspection company harmless from any claims, demands or costs as a
result of any third party demand or claim arising out of the inspection or the report.
This liability agreement will remain enforced for this and all future inspection services of any kind for this referenced buyer/borrower and property.
By my signature below, I acknowledge that I have read this contract, that I will read the report and all attachments before purchasing
the property, that I understand the terms and conditions and that I agree to be bound by these terms and conditions and to pay
inspection fees. The final report will not be released until payment IS received by the Inspection company. I (client) agree to follow all recommendations listed in the report or relinquish all liability connected to Bradford H Johnson and Absolute Inspection Service LLC.
Client(S}: _ DATE:
(IF This IS A JOINT PURCHASE, SIGNATURE REPRESENTS AUTHORITY TO SIGN FOR ALL PARTIES) Absolute Inspection Service LLC, Bradford H Johnson, 864-580-3547, fax 864-472-1773, Email 6670 New Cut Rd Inman SC 29349


The day this document is considered complete.

The full name of the person making this agreement.

The address of the planned inspection.


It is agreed by all that this inspection is to be performed according to the following terms and conditions:

1. Absolute Inspection Service LLC will provide the Client a limited-time visual inspection of the following readily accessible and visible pertinent, major elements existing in the structure on the date of inspection: central air conditioning, central heating, interior electric, interior plumbing, foundation, basement, roofing, siding, walls, floors, ceilings, and built-in kitchen appliances. Absolute Inspection Service LLC shall have no obligation to repair or replace any items found to be defective, whether or not discussed in the
Absolute Inspection Service LLC written report. Conditions that may exist relating to any legal and/or public records are outside the scope of this inspection. Absolute Inspection Service LLC cannot determine during the inspection that the roof leaks or is watertight; the rating is on material condition only. Further, this inspection does not cover code compliance, soil or groundwater contamination, geological, design, adequacy evaluation, or any low voltage wiring. Absolute Inspection Service LLC reserves a 5% margin or tolerance. This inspection will include the above elements unless otherwise restricted by the client. At times, conditions may exist and may not have any visible signs to indicate its existence. Such items must be disclosed by the seller of the property. Absolute Inspection Service LLC recommends that Client seek the advice of his legal counsel and/or real estate agent to identify items subject to disclosure in additions to those set forth in Absolute Inspection Service LLC written inspection report. Absolute Inspection Service LLC inspections are performed with consideration given to the age of the structure, items marked good must in all cases be considered good for the age of the item. Also, items in less than good condition must be marked as such, even though the condition may be normal for the age. Opinions vary from person to person and the report is the opinion of the inspector and must be considered as such. This report is not a mold or hazardous materials inspection.

2. Payment of the fee entitles client to one original of the written inspection report including photographs. Payment, in check, cash, or credit card, is due prior to the start of the visual inspection. The liability of Absolute Inspection Service LLC is limited to the terms and conditions as set forth in this contract between Absolute Inspection Service LLC and the Client. Client expressly releases Absolute Inspection Service LLC from any and all claims arising out of the contract.

3. Client represents and assures Absolute Inspection Service LLC that Client has secured all approvals necessary for entry onto the premises to be inspected. Client further agrees to defend, indemnify and hold harmless Absolute Inspection Service LLC NAME from demands or claims alleging a trespass upon the premises to be inspected. It is the responsibility of the Client or Agent to ensure the utilities are on at the time of inspection. Absolute Inspection Service LLC recommends checking for permits on all additional construction performed on the property after the original construction.

4. This Order Form, with its terms, conditions and disclosures, constitutes the entire agreement between ABsolute Inspection Service LLC and Client. Both parties agree that there is no representation, statement or agreement not set forth herein or incorporated by reference. No waiver, alteration of modification of this contract shall be valid unless it is in writing and signed by an authorized representative of both parties. This contract shall be construed and governed by the laws of the State of California. For all areas marked outside of good condition, Absolute Inspection Service LLC recommends proper attention by the appropriate licensed contractor.

5. Absolute Inspection Service LLC has no liability for occupied/unoccupied homes and structures, and the inspection is only good until the inspector leaves the property. Disgruntled sellers/squatters often change the condition of the property and no guarantees will be made by Absolute Inspection Service LLC

6. I have read the Terms and Conditions of this inspection and accept them, and also accept the Waiver Conditions.

7. I have full authority to execute this contract. I fully understand the fact that only the original buyer on this contract shall be entitled to the information contained in the inspection report/contract.

8. Client shall be liable for Absolute Inspection Service LLC attorney's fees in the event of litigation. Any negative comments/actions reflected on/towards Absolute Inspection Service LLC shall be grounds for a slander-suit for defamation of character in Superior Court. The defamation of character suit shall be filed against the instigator of said comments/actions.

9. I have read and understand the terms and conditions of this contract as set forth on the front of this form. I fully understand that if there is no signature on the line below, this inspection report shall be null and void.

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