Inspection Pricing

Residential home inspections are done with our clients in mind. As the only inspector in my company, I take great pride in my work and do not mind pointing out defects and concerns with a property no matter how many people I make mad. I bring to an inspection my experience as a Mechanical Engineer, General Contractor, Residential Builder. I am licensing and certified in all services offered with over 250 hours of continuing education. My prices start at $250.00 and are based on the square footage and age. My reports use a narrative form with pictures and summary. I always deliver a same day report.

Commercial Property Inspections are performed with my experience in engineering and commercial building. I use a format standard in the industry with pictures and recommendation for repair. Prices are quoted for individual properties.


Independent Consultant Fee Schedule(These prices are not for Home Inspection)

A borrower can have an independent consultant prepare the required architectural exhibits. A borrower can also use a contractor to prepare the construction exhibits or prepare the exhibits themselves. The use of a consultant in not required; however, the borrower should consider using this service in order to expedite the processing of the 203(k) loan. When a consultant is used, HUD does not warrant the competence of the consultant or the quality of the work the consultant may perform for the borrower. The consultant must enter into a written agreement with the borrower that completely explains what services the consultant will perform for the borrower and the fee charged. The fee charged by the consultant can be included in the mortgage or may be required at the time the work write-up is delivered.


Repairs less than $ 7,500 Fee of $ 400

Repairs between $ 7,501 and 15,000 Fee of $ 500

Repairs between $ 15,001 and 30,000 Fee of $ 600

Repairs between $ 30,001 and 45,000 Fee of $ 700

Repairs between $ 45,001 and 60,000 Fee of $ 800

Repairs between $ 60,001 and 75,000 Fee of $ 900

Repairs between $ 75,001 and 100,000 Fee of $1000

Repairs between $100,001 and 150,000 Fee of $1300

Repairs between $150,001 and 175,000 Fee of $1500

Repairs between $175,001 and 200,000 Fee of $1750

Repairs between $200,001 and 250,000 Fee of $2000

Repairs over $250,001 Fee $ TBD


*HUD compliance inspections is ordered usually by the mortgage company possessing the loan. I also do these in conjunction with a home inspections to inform my clients as to what is needed to do to the property to meet the HUD standards.